Can Deer Eat Spinach – All The Vegetables And Fruits

Deer are herbivorous animals that can eat any type of green items from non-toxic plants. They generally rely on those leaves and plants that are highly available in a forest.

Regarding vegetables, deer love almost all kinds of vegetables, including spinach. Spinach in the wild is a significant source of vitamins A, C, K, iron, potassium, and many other nutrients. Deer are pretty choosy when they pick any food from nature and are aware of all types of vegetables.

So, if you have spinach in your garden and your home is located near any forest, there is a significant chance that you have to welcome deer.

Vegetables that are edible for humans, deer love those. As a result, if you look for can deer eat spinach, here is how to save your beloved vegetable garden. Stay with us for the utmost ramifications.


Can Deer Eat Spinach – Here Are The Best Options To Own A Deer-Proof Garden

Vegetables are deer and other herbivorous animals’ favorite foods. As a result, it has become quite trendy that due to lack of proper protection, deer come to homes that are near any forest. Eventually, destroy all the plants from the garden.

Read the rest of the article to learn how to protect your garden full of spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, and others.

Foods To That Force Deer To Avoid A Garden

Wherever deer see a garden that is rich with various healthy green items, it becomes their first target. Often people experience that fences are no longer enough to protect a garden. So, here are some tricky activities that will keep your deer away from your garden.

  1. Marigold Flower Plant

Marigold is one of the most popular flower plants around the world. A flower garden is incomplete if there is no marigold plant in it. Marigold flowers have a strong smell that keeps any herbivorous animals away, and deer are one of the groups.

There are some other benefits of keeping marigold plants in a garden. The released by this plant and flower work as a natural pesticide. As a result, many harmful insects like beetles, various kinds of worms, and others stand there with no chance.

  1. Lavender

Light purple is a color that is considered a comer from heaven. It enhances the look of any house or garden. Apart from the beautification, this mild aromatic flower will help you to keep your garden safe.

Though the mild smell is an amazing fragrance to humans, herbivorous animals immensely avoid this. There is a terpene compound that is found in flowers named linalool. Not only animals, insects are also incapable of intruding due to this. Keeping lavender in a garden will keep the air full of this compound. As a result, your garden becomes several times safer than usual.

  1. Yarrow

A garden is not a garden if there is no white flower plant. And yarrow is such a beautiful flower that can enhance your garden’s beauty by many degrees.

You can use yarrow pants as your garden fence. It will create a camouflage effect on the garden. Deer do not swallow any plant which tastes bitter to them. In addition, the strong aroma will also make the garden amazingly scented.

  1. Vegetables

Till now, we have talked about flower plants that can create a shield against deer. But if you are one who only wants to produce vegetables in your garden, there are several vegetables that deer do not desire to see. Some of those are,

  1. Onion: Onion plants have the same punching aroma similar to onion. And deer will surely overlook your garden.
  1. Eggplant: Eggplant belongs to the nightshade family. Therefore, the plant and other parts are severely toxic. Since deer have a strong sense of detecting poisonous plants, they generally avoid eggplants.
  1. Tomato: Another poisonous plant is the tomato plant. Other than the tomato fruit, all the parts of this plant are toxic. Similar to eggplant, deer walk away when they find any tomato plants around.
  1. Garlic: Similar to the onion, garlic is another vegetable that has a strong aroma. Sometimes, humans find raw garlic so pungent. So, if you have some garlic plants in your garden, you have a significant shield to keep deer away.


What vegetables do deer like best?

Answer: Since deer is a herbivorous animal, it will eat almost all types of vegetables that have mild aroma and sugary flavor. Generally, spinach, broccoli, kale, and similar vegetables are their favorite foods that are healthy enough.

Can deer eat carrots?

Answer: Eating a carrot requires massive energy. So, deer intake the carrot top and leave the prime part. Moreover, carrot requires a digging job to eat, and deer don’t dig for food.

Do deer eat potatoes?

Answer: Potatoes grow under the soil. Deer are not those animals that dig the soil for food. So, in the wild, deer do not eat potatoes. But, if you offer potatoes directly, they will eat them. In fact, sweet potato is one of their favorite items, and they will happily eat it without any hesitation.


Deer generally come to humans’ gardens when they find a lack of food. In winter, we observe these types of cases mostly. But as humans, we should be kind to them sometimes. However, the answer to “can deer eat spinach” is yes. Deer can eat vegetables that are edible for humans.

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