110 Class Whitetail Deer

If you are a professional, killing or hunting a 110 class buck isn’t something to brag about! But if you are a new hunter and you are trying your luck, you can enjoy hunting a 110 Class whitetail deer for sure! Here, we will tell you how you can score it to enter the world of field scores!

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Steps to Score 110 Class Buck

Whitetail Deer

Here, the first thing you will need is the Official Score Sheet. Go online or you can also print it out!

  1. Check if there are any abnormal points if not and if there are, record them.
  2. Get your hands on the tip. You have to measure the tip to tip spread across the front points. List the measurement in row B.
  3. Check the largest spread between the main beams. List this one on row C
  4. Get your hands on the main beams and measure the inside spread. List it on row D.
  5. It’s time to go back to the abnormal points. You have to measure the total length of these points. Make sure you go for each side. Get it; lay it across the main beam. Mark the center of the area.

You have to start the measurement from the mark you have created and take it to the tip of the point.

  • Now, check out all the numbers and add the abnormal points. Go for the right side together first and then for the left side. You will see two additions of lengths. You have to list them on row E. Make sure you go for each side.
  • It’s time to measure the main beam each side’s length. Go to the burr and measure from this point to above the eye. You have to start from the outer part of the burr. Also, ensure that you are staying outside of the main beam when you reach out to the tip.
  • For the previous step, you will need a cable or paracord. After measuring with any of these, you have to use a tape measure to measure the paracord or cable. Once you get the length of the main beam, note it in row F.
  • Now, you have to make the same mark for each point. You remember the way you worked with the abnormal point right?

Go this way and measure G-1 and then go through G-7 for every side. Make sure you record the measurements.

  • Get ready for measuring circumference. Here, you have to get four different measurements. Go through the smallest circumference first. You will find this between the first point and the burr. Now, list it on H-
  • Once you are done, you have to repeat the same method. Go for the first and second points in the same way. When you get four different circumferences, you are ready!

How to Score Your White-Tailed Deer FNR-507-WV

Do the Math Now

  1. It’s time to add the measurements. Go for column one and column two. List them in the totals for every column. And then, jump to row E. You have to subtract the entry of column one from column two. Once again, list down the result in the third column.
  2. Here, you have to take a look at the bottom left of your scorecard. There will be a row named Add Together. Besides this one, you have to record the value of row D. It will be right beside the Spread Credit.
  3. Under the Spread Credit, you have to record the total you have got from column one and below this one, you have to record the total you have got from column two.
  4. All you need now is to add the value of Spread Credit along with column one and two totals to get the subtotals of three of these. The result you will get us is called the gross score.

And finally, you have to record the total from column three under the subtotal. You need to subtract this one from the subtotal. It will bring up the net score and you are done!

Wrap Up

The scoring can be complicated but if you follow the official score sheet, the answer you will get will be more than accurate. Who doesn’t want his first kill to be scored perfectly?

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