Can a Deer Live with a Broken Leg?

Seeing a deer with a broken leg must be painful. You can already imagine the pain of this little animal. However, it can be confusing if the deer can live or not. So, can a deer live with a broken leg, or does he die? We have all your answers sorted here!

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Broken Leg and the Deer

Yes, with a broken leg, a deer can survive. They can live with their three legs. However, losing a limb can make it tough for them to survive. But if they get enough food or they reside in a place that has food for them, they will make it work anyway!

Broken Leg deer

The Help

So, if you see a deer injured or maybe a deer with a broken leg, what would you do? Most of us think that it’s better to run to the deer and help it. Treating the injured is want a human should, right? But trust us when we say that you should back off!

Yes, you don’t need to work on helping him. He can do it on his own! The first thing you should think about is how innocent and sensitive a deer is. With that amount of sensitivity, if you go and try to help you, you will hurt him more.

They will get scared if you try to run to them or get close to them, no matter if they are injured or not. You taking him to get treatment might scare him more. Such animals don’t do well when it comes to an inconvenient environment.

If an injured deer feels trapped, he will be in more pain. That’s now what you want for sure, right? In this case, they will start defending themselves. Along with this, them trying to protect themself might hurt you too!

So, in short, you do not need to try to handle or catch them when they are injured. Restraining them will be more dangerous. Then how will the deer survive? The answer to this is given below!


Most of us don’t know that deer have self-healing capability. And this is why we told you not to try to help a deer with a broken leg. Especially if the deer is an adult, he is usually very strong. They can easily survive injuries like broken led.

In other words, they can help themselves. According to sources, the injured deer can self-heal their injured and get back to normal. The same thing goes for the broken leg, too. It can function on their own if they self-heal their injuries.

They often heal their injuries on their own. Even in other severe cases compared to the broken leg, they can take care of themselves. In the case of the female deer, they can live to mate. And also, they can have offspring with their broken leg.

It’s not too tough for them to support the additional weight of their fetus on their three legs. However, not all deer can survive the worst. In a few cases, the healing process requires a lot of time. And here, it’s likely that the deer will starve to death or a predator will take him or her.

Deer Live with a Broken Leg?

Animal Safety

At times, you see a deer for so long with a broken leg and you cannot stop yourself from helping him. Also, in situations like this, you might be unable to resist your help if. If the scenario is like this, once again, let’s mention to you that you should do nothing—at least, nothing by yourself.

If you genuinely want to help the deer, you should deal with a professional or an expert. Check out the area’s Animal control department and wildlife rehabilitation service centers. If you find one, this is the best way to help the deer. Call them, and they will take care of it for you!

Sambar Deer, with a broken leg taken away for treatments


1. Can deer survive with a broken leg?

Yes, deer can survive with a broken leg. Still, their chances of survival depend on various factors, such as the severity of the break, the location of the injury, and the deer’s ability to adapt to its condition.

2. How do deer break their legs?

Deer can break their legs due to a variety of reasons, including collisions with vehicles, falls, getting caught in fences, or during aggressive encounters with predators.

3. What happens to a deer with a broken leg in the wild?

In the wild, a deer with a broken leg may struggle to move, forage, and escape from predators. The injury can significantly reduce its chances of survival, especially if it impairs its ability to flee from danger.

4. Can a broken leg heal naturally in a deer?

While some minor fractures may heal on their own, severe breaks typically require medical intervention. Without proper treatment, a broken leg can lead to infection, permanent disability, or death.

5. How do humans help deer with broken legs?

Wildlife rehabilitators or veterinarians may intervene to assess and treat the deer’s injury. Treatment options may include immobilization, surgery, or euthanasia if the injury is too severe.

6. What are the challenges of treating a deer with a broken leg?

Treating a deer with a broken leg can be challenging due to their wild nature and the risk of stress-related complications. Additionally, capturing and immobilizing a deer for treatment can be dangerous for both the animal and the handlers.

Wrap Up

Sensitive animals like deer should be left alone and do what they are doing when it comes to injuries. You don’t want to scare them or hurt them any more! They will survive; all they need is a bit of time. Let them try and be fine!

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