How to Make High Protein Deer Feed?

Deers need nutritious foods to grow. So, if you are searching for how to make high-protein deer feed, this article is for you.

You must understand that stags need nutritious food for a healthy life. You can try the store-bought feed, but we suggest that homemade deer feed mix is best for their growth. You must know how much protein deer need daily to grow healthier antlers and fawns. Around twelve to sixteen percent crude protein must be added to their daily diet for the development of muscle and bone.

Therefore, here we have mentioned the best deer protein feed and how to make it. Keep reading to know more.

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How to Make High-Protein Deer Feed?

The best way to feed your buck is to check the different ingredients with high protein. Many deer owners are concerned about what is an excellent protein to feed deer.

That’s why we have mentioned some recipes that are high in protein and aid your bucks in developing healthy antlers and stronger fawns.

How to Make High-Protein Deer Feed?

Treats bucks with their favorite cornmeal

You can use ground corn, cracked corn, or whole kernels to make this delicious treat. Take an equal amount of corn with entire oats and mix it well. Ensure how much deer food you are preparing.

Add the mixture to the molasses, a substance made from sugarcane or sugar beets. The quantity depends on how much you have made the mixture. For instance, add 60 ml molasses to a 595 ml mixture of corn and oats.

The feed is ready! It would be best to mix the ingredients with a spoon until it becomes a thick paste and the ingredients are well mixed. Pour the feed into the deer feeder in your backyard or anywhere that bucks like to enjoy their meal. You need to fill the feeder again if it gets empty quickly.

Food blocks meals

For this feed, you need to start by mixing liquid materials. Add molasses and honey in a large bowl and stir both ingredients until thoroughly combined. However, the amount depends on the big or small blocks you want to make and how many other ingredients you will add.

And, here comes the best part: pour this mixture into the thick bread. But before, you must cut with a knife or break it by hand into cube-shaped pieces.

Put these pieces in a large bowl to avoid the mass, and pour your honey and molasses mixture. You must add this mixture until the bread is soaked into this mixture. 

Now, it is time for the best part! Add dry corn kernels around 350 ml one and a half cups and mix it gradually with a spoon. Stream the mixture into the baking pan and flatten it with a spatula like baking a cake.

You must bake the mixture at around 200 °F (93 °C). The baking time depends on how big the block you make. However, we suggest checking the oven every ten minutes to prevent the union from burning. Remove the baking pan from the oven when you believe that block is entirely dry.

Wait for the block to cool down, and set the mixture in your backyard. Also, you can break the mixture into small chunks so the deer can enjoy their meal easily.

Make a tempting treat to attract stags.

Deer are fond of corn and oats, so you can attract deers by making a luring mixture. To make the mixture, you must mix oats and corn with other dry ingredients in proportion.

Moreover, to make it more tempting, add a sticky substance like peanut butter or molasses to bind the mixture.

To add the liquid substance, stir in a small amount and add a limited amount of molasses or peanut butter until it becomes a sticky paste.

Although you can skip this part to make this treat, add water to give it a little texture. Just add enough water to make it spreadable.

Now, the most important part! It would be best to spread this mixture on trees and buildings to attract the buck. That’s why we need to make it spreadable. The best way to attract stags is to apply a thick layer for a strong smell that lures the deer. Ensure that you are using this treat at a deer level.

The most straightforward treat for stags

You can take Corn as it is the cheapest ingredient for deer feed. Indeed, Corn has roughly 8% protein, so adding a soybean will boost the protein quantity. Add milo, wheat, oats, draft mineral salt, and last but not least, dry or liquid molasses.

Take these ingredients into a large bowl in equal quantities, depending on how many deer you want to feed. Ensure that the dry ingredients are soaked in molasses entirely. Add the molasses in small amounts and keep adding it until the feed is moist and looks delicious.

Moreover, remember that soybeans, salt, and other fine ingredients will be sorted and dropped on the ground.

So, the vital ingredient to avoid the mass is liquid molasses, which can keep the mixture moist. But, there is a red alert in the summer that molasses might rot due to hot out as it can attract molds easily.

Deer Protein Feed


What do deer prefer for protein in the wild?

Soybean, alfalfa, cloves, and various types of weeds are available in the wild. Bucks prefer high protein values that aid in growing solid antlers and bones. Soybeans offer 25 to 30% protein, and that’s why it is called the king of deer feed.

What is cheap feed for deer?

Deer loves eating corn. Corn is a reliable source that any landowner can afford. However, it doesn’t contain enough protein. Many people add deer minerals to corn to increase protein, which is crucial for growth.

What months should deer eat protein?

From Mid-Spring to Late Summer. Deers prefer high-protein plants and herbs during the summer as it is the prime time to grow antlers and fawns. However, their taste buds change as the weather changes, and they crave energy food as fall approaches.

Bottom Line

How to make high-protein deer feed? It’s simple to make high-protein food at home. However, many believe making deer feed is one of the most complex.

Alternatively, every landowner should know that less than 10 percent protein in daily feeds can result in poor antler development and overall growth.

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