200 Class Mule Deer – Optimal Ways To Score And Measure The Trophy

It is often difficult to measure the 200-class Mule deer. There are plenty of people with experience who can talk a lot. But, there are a number of problems that juvenile hunters face.

Each individual maintains their own style. However, the basics are always the same. To measure a 200-class mule deer, you will need a number of instruments. Stay worry-free, you can find complete tools in a box for this measurement.

Moreover, today, we shall disclose all the nooks and crannies of the measurement of 200 class mule deer.

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200 Class Mule Deer – How To Score And Measure The Trophy

200 Class Mule Deer

It might look a rigid task to perform, nonetheless, with the right tools you can do it easily. The primary tool is the inch tape. If you are completely a juvenile, you can follow the steps to find out your score.

Prepare The Antler

After the hunting process, you need to prepare the antlers. Generally, what hunters do is cut the antler area after hunting the antler. Put the whole antler of the deer on a table and start measuring with tape.

Measure The Inside Spread Of the Main Beam

After preparing the antler, take the inch tape and measure the inside main beam. Now what the result comes, take that into note.

Length Of Main Beam

From the point where the main beam starts, start measuring through an inch-tape. And note the total inches down.

Length Of G1

Now notice, there is a small antler that comes out from the main beam. It is called G1. Generally, it is the smallest antler of a buck’s head. From the top of the G1 antler, start measuring to the end of the G1. You will perceive a number.

Length Of G2

Find the longest antler on the head that comes from the main beam which is G2. From the top of it to the joining point with the main beam, you can start measuring the G2.

Length Of G3

Another antler comes from the G2 antler, which is the G3. Now measure from the top of it to the ending point. Be careful, do not add the G2 antler area. It will be a significant mistake if you count this area since it is counted as G2.

Length Of G4

After noting all the antlers’ measurements, you will notice that one of the antlers is left to calculate. That antler is called G4. Now, like the other antlers, measure this one too, and note it down.

Circumference At H1

There are a total of four circumferences. The first is H1. You will find the measuring point on the spot where G1 starts. Measure the circumference and note it down.

Circumference At H2

Between the H1 point and the joining point of G2, you have to measure the H2, which is at the middle of the antler.

Circumference At H3

From the main beam, you will join two areas. The G2 and G3 areas are joined by H3, so measure and note the number.

Circumference At H4

Now calculate the G4 joining area and note it as the H4 circumference. And this is the last point you need to measure.


Perform the same task on both antlers. After that, sum all the numbers. If the final number comes 198 to 201 inches, it means that the head is 200 class Mule deer. So, by following the steps, you can measure any of the deer’s heads and find out the inches.

The final number also means how many scores you have done. Therefore, you must calculate the buck’s head carefully. Moreover, a 200-class Mule deer can reward you with more than $6,000 if you sell it.

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