Deer Antlers Blood – What Are the Reasons For Bleeding Antlers

A few days earlier, a report was published, and there it was said deer antlers are so expensive. However, in-depth, the horns or antlers are used to generate creams, pills, and other aspects. And those are products to enhance men’s looks and prevent aging.

In nature, deer or bucks demonstrate a shocking task. They rub their antlers on the trees and bleed. It may look bizarre, but they do it for an apparent reason.

They tend to remove the velvety smooth skin on the antlers. While doing this rubbing task, they rip the thin layered skin and start bleeding. Eventually, the sturdy inner antlers get exposed.

However, today’s scenario is humans are hunting deer, moose, and bucks for deer antlers’ blood. From the rest of the parts, all the facts will be more evident to you.

Deer Antlers Blood

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Deer Antlers Blood – Is This Fair To Rub The Deer Antlers

Antlers are the self-defense tools for deer. They usually use this to keep them safe from predators.

Another function of this part is to demonstrate strength. Male deer fight with another male to grab the attention of a female deer. In addition, antlers help them to maintain their territorial behaviors.

Blood Stain On Antlers

You may have noticed that every antler of each deer is different in color. It entirely depends on two factors. First is the blood and the other one is the tree. Does blood stain antlers?

Undoubtedly, yes. If the blood dries down before the deer starts rubbing its antlers, it will have a darker color. This color also depends on the velvety skin layer on the antlers. Therefore, if both skin and blood dry down, the color will be darker than usual.

From some sights, the color also depends on the tree that the deer uses to rub its antler.

Reasons Behind The Antlers Blood

Antlers Blood

When a deer takes birth, they do not have any antlers with them. By age, the antlers grow, and at a point, the growth stops. So, do deer antlers have blood in them?

During the growing period, the antlers have blood circulation in them. It helps to grow the antlers within a specific time.

However, when the antlers are fully grown, they do not require the velvet or skin on them with blood circulation. Therefore, these two elements start drying themselves.

After that, the deer rubs its antlers onto a tree and rips all the skins and blood vessels. Eventually, the sturdy part comes out and remains steady for eternity.

So, is there blood flow in antlers? The answer is evidently yes. But only till its maximum growth.

Break Of Antlers

Until now, we know that a skin called velvet remains on the antlers during growth. The skin is not the only part, and there are some vessels that prompt blood circulation. Do antlers bleed when they break?

If an antler breaks during that period, it is evident that it will bleed. The skin will be ripped off the antlers, which is the primitive reason for the bleeding.

Again if you think it is for the average deer and ask why reindeer horns bleed. The skin called velvet ripping is a part of its life cycle. The reasons for all deer are the same.

3 Things You Might Not Know About Deer Antlers


What is deer antler blood good for?

Answer: Deer antlers have various supplementary factors for human health. The most important reason for collecting antlers, velvet, and blood from deer is to produce medicines that enhance human performance.

Moreover, when the antlers are with deer, the blood is only responsible for the growth of the antlers. The blood circulation also keeps the velvet smooth, which protects the inner antlers from outer hazards and perils.

Does it hurt when antlers are cut off?

Answer: When the antlers are cut off from a deer, it does not hurt the deer. Rather, it improves the movement of its head.

But, it only applies to deer which have fully grown antlers. Juvenile antlers hurt the deer since the blood vessels exist. And collecting antlers from juvenile deer is not a significant idea that one can go with.


The antlers are the vital body part that a deer can have to keep itself safe. Bleeding antlers may look absurd, yet it is a natural phenomenon.

So, if you experience any, do not take any hassle. The velvet or skin-ripping part may include deer antlers blood, but it does not do the deer anyhow. In addition, bleeding helps to reveal the sturdy part that is a must for a male deer.

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