How To Clean A Deer Skull Without Boiling?

If you’ve hunted and killed a deer, the chances are that you’ll want to clean the skull at some point. Some people boil the skull to clean it, but an alternative method doesn’t require any boiling.

There are several ways to clean a deer skull, but one of the most popular – and most accessible – methods is to boil it. However, if you’re not keen on boiling your deer skull (or don’t have the time), there are other ways to get the job done.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to clean a deer skull without boiling using just as effective methods. So, whether you’re looking for an alternative to boiling or want to try something new, read on for more information.

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Clean A Deer Skull

Details of How To Clean A Deer Skull Without Boiling

Now, we will be discussing everything in detail with you. Keep reading to learn how to clean a deer skull without boiling it.

How To Clean A Rotting Deer Skull?

There are a few ways to clean a rotting deer skull. One is to soak it in a cleaning solution of 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of bleach, and 1/4 cup of dish soap. Soak the skull for 24 hours, then scrub it with a wire brush. Rinse the skull well and let it dry completely.

Another way to clean the skull is to bury it in soil for about six months. The soil’s bacteria will eat away at the flesh; after six months, you can rinse off the skull and dry it out.

A third way to clean the skull is to freeze it for about two weeks. The freezer will eliminate all the bacteria, and you can rinse and dry the skull as usual.

Whichever method you choose, clean the skull thoroughly and let it dry completely before using it for any crafts or decoration.

How To Clean A Deer Skull Naturally?

There are a few different ways to clean a deer skull naturally. One is to boil it in water with a little bit of vinegar.

The first step in cleaning a deer skull naturally is to remove the eyes and Brain. This can be done using a small, sharp knife to cut around the sockets and then gently prying them out with your fingers. Once the eyes and Brain are removed, use a wire brush to scrub any remaining flesh or tissue.

After that, let the skull sit in a tub or large pot of water for 24 hours. The temperature of the water should be warm. And you should also add some degreasing agents like dish soap or detergent. This will loosen up any remaining grease or blood.

Remove any meat or tissue attached to the skull with a sharp knife. Be careful not to damage the bone. Soak the skull in hydrogen peroxide for another 24 hours.

Rinse the skull clean and dry it off with a towel. Paint the skull with vinegar and water (50/50) to whiten it. Let it dry overnight.

How Do You Clean A Deer Skull Found In The Woods?

Here’s a helpful guide on how to clean a deer skull found in the woods:

  • The first step in cleaning is removing any remaining flesh and muscle from the skull. You can use a sharp knife or scrape with a flat tool to remove the skin.
  • Remove as much soft tissue and flesh from the skull as possible using a sharp knife or scalpel. Submerge the skull in hydrogen peroxide to dissolve any lingering organic matter.
  • The next step is to remove any dirt or debris from the skull by soaking it in soapy water and then scrubbing it with a brush. Clean all the nooks and crannies, especially around the antlers.
  • Use a wire brush to scrub away any residual tissue or dirt. Soak the skull in hot water with dish soap to help clean it thoroughly.
  • Finally, rinse the skull under clean water until all the soap is gone. Allow it to air dry in a well-ventilated area overnight.

Once dried, paint or seal it with a preservative if desired. Paint or seal the antlers with a wood sealant or Lacquer spray paint if desired (this will preserve them).

Fastest Way To Clean Deer Skull

The fastest way to clean a deer skull is by using a pressure washer. While you can use a pressure washer you might already have at home, renting one from your local hardware store is another option.

  • First, detach the antlers from the skull. If they are still attached, cut them off as close to the skull as possible with a hacksaw.
  • Then, use a wire brush to remove any remaining meat or tissue from the bone.
  • Next, soak the skull in a bucket of water for about 10 minutes. You can more easily clean the dirt and grime on the bone by loosening it.
  • Attach the pressure washer’s nozzle to the hole on top of the skull and turn it on high power.

Be careful not to miss and hit your hands or face with the spray! You can use a pressure washer that you have at home, or you can rent one from a local hardware store.

Best Way To Clean A Deer Skull For European Mount

To clean a deer skull for a European mount, you’ll need the following items:

  • A bucket or container to hold water
  • Bleach
  • Scrub brush
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Wire hanger
  • String or twine
  • Nail clippers
  • Hammer
  1. Fill your bucket or container with warm water and add enough bleach to make it cloudy. Leave the skull submerged in the bleach solution for approximately 30 minutes.

This will help to soften the skin and remove any remaining meat and tissue from the bone. Wear gloves when handling the skull, as bleaching solutions can be harmful if ingested.

  1. Rub the scrub brush over the entire skull surface, inside and out, to remove any remaining tissue. Be incredibly gentle around the antlers, eyes, and nose. These are often the most difficult areas to clean.
  1. Rinse the skull thoroughly with clean water to remove any bleach residue. Pat dry with rags or paper towels.
  1. Use the wire hanger to make a hook on one end. This will be used to hang the skull while it dries.
  1. Tie the string or twine around the base of the skull, just below the brain cavity, and secure the other end to a doorknob or other sturdy object. Be sure that the skull is suspended in a way that allows air to circulate it.
  1. Let the skull dry for a few weeks in an area with good airflow, away from direct sunlight.
  1. Once the skull is completely dry, clip away any remaining hair with nail clippers. Use the hammer to tap any stubborn areas gently.

Your deer skull is now ready for mounting.

How Do You Clean a Deer Skull After Burying It?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to clean a deer skull will vary depending on how long it’s been buried and the climate conditions of where you live.

Cleaning a deer skull is not tricky, but it can be time-consuming. However, here is a general overview of the cleaning process:

  • After you have buried the deer skull, wait at least three months before beginning the cleaning process. This will give the skull time to dry out completely.
  • If the skull has been buried for less than a year, all you may need to do is brush off any loose dirt and debris with a soft brush. If the skull has been buried for longer than a year, it will likely be more challenging to clean as the bones will have started to decompose.

In this case, gently scrubbing the bone with a toothbrush or using diluted bleach (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) to help loosen any dirt or grime.

  • Once the skull is clean, you can leave it or whiten it using a product like hydrogen peroxide. If you whiten the skull, you’ll need to re-seal it afterward to prevent it from yellowing again.

With a little bit of patience and elbow grease, you should be able to get your deer skull looking like new again.

What Should Be Put in Water When Boiling Deer Skull?

When boiling a deer skull, add disinfectant to the water. This will help to kill any bacteria or other organisms that may be present in the skull. Some common disinfectants that can be used include bleach, iodine, and Peroxide.

Before adding the skull, you will also want to ensure the water is at a rolling boil. This will help to ensure that the skull is appropriately disinfected.

You must add some cleaning chemicals to the water to help remove any flesh or tissue still attached to the skull. A weak bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water) will work, or you can use a commercial skull cleaner.

Once the skull is clean, you can proceed with the bleaching process. Some people use a robust bleach solution (1 part bleach to 3 parts water), which can be dangerous and unnecessary.

Using a weaker bleach solution is better than repeating the process if necessary. Soak the skull in the bleach solution for about 30 minutes, then rinse well with cold water.

How do you clean a deer skull with borax?

This guide outlines how to clean a deer skull with borax in just a few simple steps:

  1. Remove any meat or tissue from the skull. You can do this either by hand or with a knife.
  2. Soak the skull in hot water to soften the flesh and bone for about an hour.
  3. Boil the skull for about 30 minutes to soften the tissue.
  4. Soak the skull in borax solution (1-gallon water, 1 cup borax)  and stir until it dissolves. Soak the skull in this mixture for about 24 hours, stirring occasionally.
  5. Remove the skull from the mixture and scrub away any remaining flesh or bone with a brush.
  6. Rinse off the skull and let it air dry before painting it.

How to clean a whitetail deer skull


Q: Can I clean a deer skull without boiling it?

A: Yes, you can clean a deer skull without boiling it using several alternative methods.

Q: What are some alternative methods for cleaning a deer skull?

A: Alternative methods include burying the skull underground and allowing nature to decompose the flesh, using dermestid beetles to eat away the flesh, or employing maceration by soaking the skull in water until the flesh softens and can be removed manually.

Q: How long does it take to clean a deer skull using alternative methods?

A: The time required varies depending on the method and environmental conditions. Burying the skull can take several months, while dermestid beetles typically clean a skull within a few weeks. Maceration may take several weeks to a few months.

Q: Can I use household items for alternative cleaning methods?

A: Yes, everyday household items such as a plastic container, water, or a burial spot in your yard can be utilized for alternative cleaning methods.


Cleaning a deer skull can be fun, and the finished product is advantageous. There are several ways to clean a deer skull, but the most popular method is boiling it.  We’ve outlined several ways to clean your deer skull, whether you want to do it naturally or use a little science.

However, if you don’t have access to hot water or don’t want to use heat methods, there are other ways to get the job done. This post covered all the different ways to clean a deer skull so you can choose the best one for you.

We also provided tips on how to make the process easier and faster. Finally, we answered some common questions about cleaning deer skulls.

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