Can You Plant Deer Corn – Learn The Optimal Corn Production For Deer Hunting

Deer are those vegan animals that eat almost every vegan item. Nonetheless, deer have favorite foods too, and corn is optimal. And if they find this, they need to remember all the vegan items.

Here is an unknown fact about deer corn. It is more energetic than usual corn and generates more heat in the deer body. The first thing you need to do is to determine the reason for producing deer corn.

If it is for forestation or for feeding wildlife, you can plant it in any area. Nonetheless, suppose you are eager to produce corn for other purposes like serving your herds, enriching your herds with a muscular body, or milking purposes. In that case, you need to select an isolated area to plant.

There are some other straightforward steps that you need to follow. Stay with us to grow and find the answer to whether can you plant deer corn.

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Can You Plant Deer Corn – Learn The Optimal Corn Production For Deer Hunting

Plant Deer Corn

Deer corn is not an exceptional corn to us. Though it is a variety of corn, it looks similar to the usual one. The existence of energy is comparatively higher than the usual one also.

The existence of high energy generates more heat in the deer’s body. So, can you eat deer corn? Yes, humans can eat deer corn without any hesitation.

In addition, commercial corn products manufacturing organizations use deer corn to produce corn chips or flakes, bread, etc. It is tastier and can be used in our daily life. Eventually, the question “what is the best corn to plant for deer” holds the same answer.

Here are the steps to help you grow deer corn on your land.

Determination Of The Purpose

The first element is to select an excellent land to cultivate deer corn. You can select any area if you want to promote hunting or serve the wild animal with the highly energetic deer corn.

But if your purpose is to serve yourself and your herds, the cultivation area must be isolated. Moreover, this corn and plants tend to be attacked by vegan animals since the aroma and taste are enriched. So, proper harvesting requires a proper guarding system with adequate soil.

The land must be at least 2.5 acres if your purpose is to grow corn as a crop. But if your purpose is to feed the wildlife, you ought to choose at least 5 acres of land.

Manage All The Requirements

Every plant’s requirements are different. Corn plants are those plants that require plenty of water and a perfect drainage system. Moreover, the land must be enormously fertile for plantation.

Firstly, before you throw deer corn seed, you must use an effective quality fertilizer on the land. The directions will be written on the fertilizer manual of how much is required in an acre of land. Each fertilizer is different in the amount to use. The optimum fertilizer for corn fields is 8 – 12 – 2 fertilizers. The measurement is around 400 LBS for an acre of land.

After that, prepare the land by turning it into loamy soil. In this process, you need to water the whole soil. Furthermore, it would be best if you balanced the pH of the land. The optimal pH level of the land is 6.0 to 7.0. You can treat the whole soil with lime if the land remains acidic.

The drainage system must be adequate to remove all the water from the land. Stuck water may damage the whole crops and result in dissatisfactory circumstances.

The third concern is the season. Corn plants can’t tolerate drought or scorching summers. So, how late can you plant corn for deer?

The best time to spread the corn seeds is the rainy season. The land and plants will receive adequate water to grow massively. The months are March, April, and May are the best to plant corn plants.

Lastly, can you plant feed corn on untreated land? No, the land must be treated well. So, harrow the whole field before plantation. It will kill all the grass and weeds. If you reckon your weeds require more treatments, you can use a roller to kill the remaining weeds.

Reduce The Weeds

Weeds are impressive in terms of forestation. But in a land full of corn plants, it harms the plants and becomes an obstacle to nutrition collection. As a result, the production of corn decreases. So, you need to remove the weeds properly.

Here is an easy tip for you about sweet corn for deer food plots. You can mix some grains like soybeans. It will prepare the cultivation for more nutritional value than just corn. You can also make a combination by planting cowpeas with corn.

And the result will be significant whether you plan to serve your herds or wild vegan animals.


Can I plant corn directly in the ground?

Answer: Yes, you can if the soil is ready. There are several requirements for the soil. Firstly, it needs to be loamy soil. After that, the soil must be perfectly fertilized. In addition, the soil must be free from weeds and grass.

To prevent weeds, you can narrow the field and roller. After all the processes are done, you can plant corn in the soil or ground.

What’s the best corn to plant for deer?

Answer: The optimum corn for wild vegan animals is deer corn. It is healthier and more energetic for both animals and humans. If you are planning to offer deer with corn, you must avoid sweet or white corn. These tend to be harmed by other vegan animals.

How do you plant corns?

Answer: There are several considerations that you must keep in mind. First is the land condition. Second, the quality of seeds.

Third, the quality of fertilizer. Last, the season. After maintaining all of these, you can plant corn seeds by sowing seeds 1 to 2 inches deep in the ground. The distance between the seeds should be 4 to 7 inches. The drainage should be adequate to remove water from the land.


Deer corn preserves a strong reputation for serving both humans and other animals. The amount of protein in the corn is relatively higher than the usual corn. And about ‘can you plant deer corn?’

It is as efficient as normal corn. In addition, the price is generally higher than the usual one. So, it can serve you some extra money if you are in the farming business.

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