What Flowers Do Deer Not Eat – Here Are the Plants A Deer Avoid

Often in the morning, we suddenly notice that our flower plants in the yard are destroyed. Lastly, this leaves us with two situations. One is to laugh, and the other is to be solely shocked. However, the CCTV footage shows the reason and deer are the primes.

You can use several flower plants to decorate your outdoor environment, and deer generally avoid those plants. Some of those are beautiful but toxic. The toxicity does not harm humans, but intaking such a flower or plant can cause several problems for deer. In addition, the deer are impressively aware of this fact.

Flowers like Coneflower, Corydalis, Lavender, Lungwort, Poppy, etc., are those that deer maintain a safe distance from.

Today we shall talk about what flowers do deer not eat and some of the reasons behind this phenomenon.

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What Flowers Do Deer Not Eat – Flower Plants You Can Own For Your Garden

If we consider the reason behind planting those plants which deer avoid, the prime will be the one the decoration. It is not rare that we are looking for what flowers do deer not eat in Georgia. People who live near the forest are the prime sufferer of this situation.

However, without delay, let’s know some flower deer will leave intact.

Flowers Do Deer Not Eat

Bleeding Heart

We can guess the characteristics by the name of it. The heart-shaped dark pink flowers from this plant look like a sign of luxury to a house’s yard.

Some other variants of this flower are pink, red, and white in color. This plant is massively toxic to animals that rely on green foods, meaning the vegan or herbivores.

The North American plant bleeding heart is so severely toxic that all of the parts of this plant contain poison. And herbivore animals like rabbits, deer, etc., are aware of this toxicity. So, you can grow this flowering plant to enhance the beauty of your home without any hesitation.

Here is a recommendation for you, when you deal with this plant, you must wear gloves to protect your skin from itchiness.

Bleeding Heart


If you are looking for a magnificent yellow flower to decorate your yard, here is a name, the Corydalis. What bulb flowers do deer not eat? Here it is. Another variant of the same genre has a blue color.

Moreover, it is easier than any other flower plant to grow with less care. And the simple, caring process towards this plant can result in a long blooming period.

These blue or yellow flowers look so extraordinary that you can reckon it is a meal of deer or other herbivore animals. But the reality is entirely opposite from this.

This North American flower can harm any animal, including humans if ingested in large portions. Therefore, no vegan animal even thinks of intake as a meal.



Again, here is another yellow flower that we are presenting now. The Coreopsis is available in several other colors like orange, pink, red, maroon, and others. But yellow is the prime color.

And it is the ultimate answer to ‘what perennial flowers do deer not eat?’ Herbivore animals like deer do not even get close to this plant.

Though no toxic element is found, it can be an ideal choice to enhance the beauty of your yard. This flowering plant is fascinating because it can tolerate severe scorching conditions.

Here it is if you are looking for what annual flowers deer do not eat. Also, the drought does not bother this plant much.



Let’s talk about a cut flower now. There are plenty of flowers that we cut for various purposes like decoration. And what cut flowers do deer not eat? Peonies are one of those. However, deer do not eat Peonies at all.

There is a significant reason behind this. Intaking large amounts of flowers and plants cause gastrointestinal damage to the deer. As a result, deer suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, and many more diseases.

Peonies are those flowers that resemble roses from a distance. Anyone would make a mistake by assuming those flowers as roses. Some other color variants of this flower include pink, white, red, etc.



Till now, we came to know several facts regarding what types of flowers do deer not eat. But here is the most attractive name that is common to us enormously, Lavender.

This extravagant and aristocratic flower serves us massively. From fragrance oil-producing to medicinal segments, all industries use Lavender.

However, let’s come to the point. A lavender flower’s properties are the prime reason for not ingesting it. The sweet aroma of this flower is pungent for deer and other vegan animals.

However, though Lavender is not a poisonous plant, intaking it in large amounts can cause gastrointestinal issues in animals for its medicinal and fragrance properties.

Another prime fact about this plant is it does not last for too long and requires moderate caring. But your house will be aristocratic by looking at the mild sweet aromatic fragrance of the Lavender flowers.



We have come to know several flowers as the answer to what kind of flowers do deer not eat. And most of those are colorful. Now let’s talk about a soft color that is a combination of white and yellow. That is daffodil.

Daffodils have the property of adding purity to your yard. Vegan animals like deer, rabbits, and squirrels avoid this plant. Though there are some other colors of this plant, such as orange, apricot, pink, etc., white daffodils are the familiar genre.

Unlike other white flower plants, daffodils are enormously toxic. All the parts of this plant contain toxic elements in high amounts. Therefore, it is safe in your yard from deer.



Here is another top choice for you that belongs to the discussion of what shade flowers do deer not eat. Like the Daffodils, Poppies are white. The difference is in the pink color instead of yellow. Other varieties are available besides white, such as red, pink, dark pink, orange, yellow, purple, etc.

Though Poppies can enhance the majestic look of your garden, these are severely toxic for herbivore animals. The poisonous element of Poppy flowers is one of the most lethal harmful elements around the globe and is an alkaloid.

And all the parts of this plant contain the same amount of toxicity. In fact, many reports say that people have died due to this toxicity. If you know more about Do Deer Eat Plums check out the article to know what deer like to eat.

Vegan animals, like deer, rabbits, squirrels, and others, are all aware of this toxic plant by their instinctual survival method. Therefore, you can grow a poppy flower to keep your garden verdant.



What winter flowers do deer not eat?

Answer: There is a plethora of winter flowers that a deer does not think to intake since most of them are either toxic or have a pungent smell. Some prevalent flowers are Daffodils, Poppies, Lavender, Salvias, and many more. The sweet smelling flowers like Lavender, Iris, and Peonies do not contain poisonous elements. But the smell is pungent to the deer.

What wildflowers do deer not eat?

Answer: Deer and other herbivore animals have the instinctual ability to recognize their foods and supplements.

They can detect poisonous plants easily, and some of the wildflowers are White Yarrow, Plains Coreopsis, Poppy, Blanket Flower, Golden Lupine, Red Poppy, Scarlet Sage, Blue Sage, and many more.

What potted flowers do deer not eat?

Answer: We often suffer from plant-eating incidents. So, here are some plants that you can grow in pots and vegan animals will not touch it indeed. The names are given below.

  • Marigold
  • Heliotrope
  • Poppy
  • Daffodil
  • Verbena
  • Euphorbia
  • Icelandic Poppy
  • Ageratum
  • Snapdragon
  • Lantana
  • Cleome and many others.

Flowers that deer won’t eat


There are some other flower plants like the flowers mentioned above. And those also belong to the answer to what flowers do deer not eat.

In this composition, we talked about only the highly prestigious flowers to own in the yard. Besides, these are common flowers that you can find in Georgia.

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