Where Do Deer Live?

Who doesn’t like travelling?

We all do! But for the deer, it is a way of living. They are seen primarily in captivity. However, their place to live is in the forest or anywhere the trees and plants are!

Today, we don’t get much chance of seeing a deer in the forest,t but there are other places they love to live in, too. If where deer live is what you are asking, we have your answers!

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Deer and the Territory

The world is the territory! But here, we will only discuss the focus points of where a deer lives. From geographic location to their preferred environment- we have it all noted!


Geographic Location

First, we have to discuss the geographic location where deer prefer to stay. There are several species of dee, sod a specific area would be wrong. However, if you consider any specific place, we must say that deer live in North America and South America.

When the discussion is specific, you should know that the musk deer are from Asia. You can also see this one in the tropical African and Asian forests. The tropical rainforest is one of the favourite places for deer. Several species of deer are seen there.

While Africa only includes one native deer, you can find different species of deer on different continents except for Australia and Antarctica. The large deer species are in North America.

To mention the places specifically, Columbia and Canadian Rocky Mountain are where deer reside along with the national parks. You can find almost all types of deer, from whitetail to mule, moose to elephant.


My favourite environment to live in is a forest. Forests have everything that can provide for them. The wetlands are the best place for them to live. Also, they go for deciduous forests along with rainforests.

Another hot favourite of the deer is the grasslands. Some deer prefer the mountains at times, too. For them, arid scrublands are also fantastic to go for. Though deer are uncomfortable with urban settings, human civilization can get close to them in cases.

Do you know what deer will do then? Instead of leaving or running away, they will make it work! Yes, they will make it comfortable to live in urban settings. Any brush areas or woodland patches can be called their home.

The swamp, and they can even set up their home in the suburban areas. They do not have a specific home because they have to move in search of food. They are herbivores, so the forest is the best place for them to live.

Winter Season and the Living

As mentioned, they love the forests because they have to feed themselves with plants. Though they prefer the forest areas more than the sheltered ones in the summer, things change in the winter.

If you research a bit about the deer, you will know that they love the sheltered areas in winter. For resting and eating, they will need a more secure area. And so, they settle for the more coniferous trees.

The best part of deer is that they can maintain their needles during winter. And then, they let snow build up. It gives them cove,r along with safeguarding them from the wind! In short, they know the line between innocent and dumb!

Winter Season and the Living

From here, you can clearly understand that they are not dumb. Also, another fact that you should know is about the deer’s winter coat. This one includes hollow guard hairs along with a furry undercoat. This is capable of keeping the body heat inside.

Also, the body temperature of this animal doesn’t go out. As a result, they can melt the snow on their backs! This keeps them safe in the winter, too!

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Wrap Up

Deer, as an animal, is very innocent. But you must understand that they are also careful about their lives. They live only in the places where they feel comfortable. For them to select a place to live, it must be secure and comfortable. If the weather doesn’t suit them, they leave the place as soon as possible! Also, they are not seen in one place for a long time. They love travelling!

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