Can Deer Eat Grapes, Wild Grapes, and Grapevines?

Deer, being a prey animals, always stay aware of their surroundings. But it’s quite soothing to see them eat what they like. Any deer will jump into vegetation and fruits if they can get their hands on them.

They love sweet fruits- but do they live grapes? Can deer eat grapes, wild grapes, and grapevines? Today, we will disclose the truth about these types of grapes and will let you know if it is safe to feed them.

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Do Deer Eat Grapes?

Do Deer Eat Grapes?

A lot of mammals like the gray fox, raccoon, black bear, fox squirrel, etc. love eating grapes. Just like them, rabbits are fond of the foliage and the stems of grapes.

However, when it comes to deer, people get confused if they can eat grapes or not. Deer love fruits and especially berries.

To learn more about it, you can check out what deer love to eat! This species is fond of vegetation, no doubt. But what about the grapes- can they eat grapes and if they can, do they like it?

A clear answer to the question is deer love grapes. The deer family like to consume sweet fruit and grape is one of them.

So, if one of them gets into your yard and eats some grapes, you don’t need to worry much. They ate it because they love it!

Can Baby Deer Eat Grapes?

When it comes to food, there are differences between the food for adults and children. If you let a deer visit your yard, and if it feels safe, you might see it bringing its little children with it too.

In that case, it’s very common to worry if a fawn can eat it or not. The worry comes in because the babies of most animals don’t have a strong digestive system. Their fragile digestive capability doesn’t allow them to eat everything that the adult animal can do.

However, things are not this way for the fawns. The baby deer have a sturdy digestive system and they can easily adapt to new diets. It only takes months for them to adapt new diet of the mothers. So, if a mother deer can eat anything including grapes, the fawns can too.

Can Deer Eat Grapevines?

Just like grapes, deer have a serious love for grape vines. Not only grapevines, but they also love to eat all kinds of vines. However, their preference is the younger vines.

When the vines are young, they are soft and easy to eat. Also, baby deer can eat them in this state too. Have you seen a baby deer crying for food? Check out why do baby deer cry at night to learn more about it! And then, you can feed grapes to the little deer on occasion.

The same goes for the grapevines. If your yard is full of young grapevines, a deer can anytime get into the yard and make it their fast food restaurant! Make sure you protect the area with a fence and deer-resistant vines.

Well, yes, there are deer-resistant vines and plants too that will keep the deer away from your garden. Ivy, Viburnum, Trumpet Vines, etc. will work amazingly.

Can Deer Eat Wild Grapes?

Can Deer Eat Wild Grapes?

Grapes and wild grapes are different; anybody can tell that by their size. Wild grapes are blueberry-sized and produce very fragrant flowers that might attract a deer. This is why they are more famous as a weed. Yes, they are attracted to wild grapes but do they eat them?

These grapes include wine however, these are not as sweet as the cultivated or domesticated grapes. If you wash these grapes carefully, you can feed them to your deer. Instead, wild grapes are healthier because they have low sugar levels.


Are grapes toxic to deer?

No, grapes are not toxic to deer if you feed carefully. Drawing a line when you feed grapes to the deer is a factor you shouldn’t avoid. Feeding a lot of grapes can increase the level of sugar and cause severe issues. On the other hand, make sure the other pets cannot reach the grapes- these are toxic to the dogs. Kidney failure and even death are common if dogs eat grapes.

What are the health benefits of grapes for deer?

If you have a group of deer nd you are planning to feed them grapes, you must learn about the nutritional value of this fruit. In short, a grape is a fruit of minerals and vitamins. So, if we are talking about if it is healthy or not, we can easily understand it’s quite healthy. Vitamin E is great for the immune system of the deer. Protein is good for their bones, muscles, antlers, hairs, etc.

Is Grape Safe for Deer?

So, we already know that grapes are deer’s favorite but that doesn’t mean you will feed them to them, right? After all, you must know if it’s healthy for them or not. We told you it’s healthy but only if you feed a particular amount. Well, before feeling grapes, you must learn that grapes contain a high level of sugar. It can be unhealthy if you include this in their daily diet. It can upset the stomach and there can be diabetes in some cases too. It’s better to feed them 10-15 grapes in a week and not more than that.

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Wrap Up

If your deer love fruits then you can try to feed the grapes too. However, if it’s possible, you can let them eat wild grapes after cleaning them properly.

Wild grapes are healthier for the deer regardless of age. But make sure you limit feeding them grapes to a certain extent. Anything that’s excess won’t be good for any living being, don’t you agree?


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