What to do if a Deer blows at you?

During bowhunting, suddenly, when you are close to a deer and he forcibly expels air through his nose, you might get annoyed a bit. Yes, there’s nothing worse than being near to your target and seeing him blow at you. But what to do if a deer blows at you? Should you run? Should you leave the hunting? Or should you still wait and catch him when you can?

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Deer Blow

Blow is something that almost all deer do in all seasons. Snort or blow is when a deer forcibly expels air through their nostrils. This works like a magnified sneeze.

And the reason behind a deer blowing can be you too! Yes, you are a danger to him! A deer can blow several times while snorts will be single. Snorts are, on the other hand, very short lives and explosive.

Why does a Deer Blow?

Why does a Deer Blow

If you are hunting a deer and you see the deer blow, what should you do? Well, before that, you must know the reason behind it. What does a deer blow mean? The foremost reason for a deer blowing is when he sees a threat.

Yes, with the help of blowing air from his lungs, it tries to alert the other deer. Whenever you are hunting, you already know that there can be other deer in that area. And if there are other deer, and one deer understand that there is a predator, he will blow.

By blowing, they will alert the other deer about the predator. This is a way of them telling other deer that they should be attentive and there can be predators or any other type of threat.

But keep in mind that there can be other reasons for blowing too. In that case, you might want to know what to do if a deer blows at you- right?

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What should you do?

What should you do?

Mostly, as it is common to us all when a deer blows, we think that they might have got us or they might already know that we are here. Well, if you think that the deer knows you are there and that’s the reason behind them blowing- you might be wrong as well!

  • In the environment, there can be several things that can cause the deer to react this way. By blowing, they try to grab attention. However, it can be other stuff that threatens him too! There are other threats and predators around them.

At times, when they see dogs, they feel threatened. Also, they can feel the presence of coyotes and they might mark it as a danger to them. And as a result of this, they can start blowing. The more danger they feel, the more number of blowing will be there.

  • On the other hand, there might be no danger at all! Yes, a deer can blow without feeling danger too. By blowing, a deer can simply clear their nasal passage. Just as humans sneeze, it can be that too.

At times, we think too much about it and end up giving up the hunt. But that’s not necessary. You can stay for a while and be sure about it first before you leave the hunt in the middle. If they blow, they can clear their nasal passage. In a conclusion, the deer can sniff the air better.

  • At times, the sound of the deer can startle the predator too! In that case, the predator might plan on leaving the area. In either case, they can simply reveal their location too.
  • Another factor is at times, according to the hunters, deer can blow at squirrels or such animals too! They might be annoyed or they just need to do it! There’s nothing to worry much about them blowing, hunter!

So, you can guess that it’s not always you. And the best thing you can do is not to leave the hunting. Instead, keep your eyes and ears sharp. Your target is right before you and all you need is to wait for the right moment to hunt it!

Wrap Up

Now you know that a deer blowing at you doesn’t mean your hunting day is over! You can still stay there and wait for a while. Leaving the hunting in the middle will mean that all your effort has gone in vain. You surely don’t want that, right?

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