Do Deer Eat Peppers – Find Out the Surprising Truth

If you consider the best vegetarian animal globally, deer will be on your top list. A deer leaves nothing that comes in its way.

Therefore, a deer will surely eat your pepper and the plant. Though there is a certain amount of capsaicin in pepper, a deer will intake it if it goes through a food shortage. There are plenty of other benefits that peppers supply to the deer body. Deer find pepper quite medicinal since it has antioxidant properties in it.

Moreover, deer are aware of the properties of pepper, like vitamins E, C, and others.

So, do deer eat peppers? 100%. Deer will eat pepper. If you think pepper plants will help you to save your garden, there is no chance.

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Do Deer Eat Peppers – Ways And Plants To Save Your Garden

Several ways can help you to save your garden from a bunch of deer. Let’s know the micro stuff of this procedure.

Plants That Attract Deer To Harm Your Garden

The first thing of any procedure is to be enlightened about every cause of problems. Deer will head towards your garden if you keep these plants open. What you can do is to set the plants that deer do like to intake.

So, you must know what plants deer love to see in anyone’s garden and rush without thinking. Some of the most attractive plants to deer are,

Red Clover

Red clover plants are beautiful to deer. Deer can sniff the smell of this plant from several miles away. So, if you have this plant in your garden, removing it is impossible.

Red Clover

Orchard Grass

Any herbivorous animals like deer, buffalo, yak, cow, sheep, and others rely on grass-type foods mostly. So, we strongly recommend removing all grass and weeds from your garden. Though orchard grass is one of those that can extend the beauty of your house by several degrees, deer love it.


Kale or leady cabbage is as essential for deer as for our health. Kale contains antioxidant properties, fiber, calcium, magnesium, copper, protein, and many other compounds. Due to the richness of kale, deer can not resist this. Moreover, it has a mellow flavor, making it one of the most attractive foods for deer.


By nature, deer can find the best food for them. The richness and aroma of corn make it a significant meal for deer. Corn consists of Vitamin C, protein, and fiber. As a result, corn will help deer survive in the wild for a long while.

Various Nut Plants

If you desire to treat a deer, offer them some nuts. With no doubt, they will ask you for more. Nuts are full of protein, fiber, and several fatty acids. It is also a significant source of omega-3. So, if you have any nut plants in your garden and around, remove them as early as possible.

Nut flowers and fruits have a strong aroma that attracts deer from a few miles away.

Ways To Turn Your Garden Deer-Proof

Fencing the garden around is enough. But an open garden is more beautiful than any fenced one. So, some plants will keep deer away if you want to protect the garden from deer or other intruders.


The first on the list is chives. Chives are highly aromatic grass-type plants. Deer hates the aroma of this plant. Not only deer but some insects are also allergic to this. So, you can plant chives in your garden as ornaments and keep other plants safe from deer.


Daffodil is a yellow flower plant that you can use as the fence of your garden. It can camouflage the other plants. Deer avoid these plants highly since they contain a toxic element called alkaloids.

Planting daffodils around the garden will save the whole. Besides, it is a beautiful flower plant that will work as jewelry in your garden by shining in the daylight.


Here is another beautiful flower plant that can help the other plants to breathe. The incredible feature of this plant is the difficulty level of owning it. It requires less care than any other flower plant.

All herbivorous animals are allergic to this plant and the odor from the flowers. Here is another benefit of keeping marigold in your garden: marigold has natural pest-controlling power. So, maintaining marigolds in your garden will make you worry-free about hazardous insects and worms.


Are bell peppers deer resistant?

Answer: Pepper with moderate capsaicin is liked by deer. Now you can guess how much bell pepper will be selected by this herbivore, where the bell pepper has no capsaicin. The mild herb smell will attract deer to your garden.

What vegetables are not eaten by deer?

Answer: There are plenty of vegetables deer do not like, such as onions, garlic, leek, eggplant, chives, and many others, with a pungent smell and robust flavors.

What animals naturally eat peppers?

Answer: Pepper is used for its one most delicate quality, and that is spiciness. So, herbivorous animals like to avoid pepper. A mammal only seeks spicy vegetables, which is the tree shrew. Its joy becomes beyond the level if it finds any spicy vegetables or fruit.

Do wild animals eat peppers?

Answer: Considering all the herbivorous animals, they generally avoid pepper until they find no option. When mammals do not see any food in winter, they eat plant-based food around them.


When hunger starts knocking on the door, no rule stands on the side of morality. And about deer eating peppers, yes, it will take the pepper out of your garden, and then there is a food shortage.

In most cases like this, deer come to human society during the winter and grab some snacks. So, we should sometimes prove our humanity towards these helpless animals.

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