Do Foxes Eat Deer – Fun Facts About Hunting Deer In Fox’s Life

This world is a stage to perform for all types of animals. And the fox is an animal that is known for its cunning behaviors. And the deer is nothing but a luxurious adorable creature that only extravagant people dare to pet.

The fox and deer story remains untold. Generally, neither a fox hunts a deer nor eats by praying. But, if they find a dead deer on its way of hunting, it becomes an exception. They eat and serve themselves with energy from the dead deer flesh. Besides this, they have no such caliber to take down a deer. In addition, the largest breed of fox is not even close to the size of a baby deer.

Today, we shall focus on several topics regarding do foxes eat deer or can a fox kill a deer.

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Do Foxes Eat Deer – Is Deer A Great Food Diet For Fox

Foxes Eat Deer

A fox is an omnivorous animal. Every fleshy item and vegetation is their food. It always depends on what they get nearby. It is also noteworthy that they do not perform well as predators.

Their prime prey is small animals like rabbits, birds, chickens, ducks, and others. Deer are entirely out of their dictionary.

Fox With Baby Deer

Can a fox kill a baby deer? No, it is not possible for them. The baby deer is easy prey for the fox and its kind. But, they spend no effort on those at all. Since we all know foxes are cunning enough to choose options, they choose those prays which do not have striking behaviors.

Eventually, no scope comes out in terms of hunting baby deer. Though baby deer do not preserve such striking behaviors, they usually do not leave their mother. And the size of the mother is enormous compared to the size of a fox.

But it is not a rare case that baby deer get lost. If a fox finds a baby deer, there is no expectation that the deer can keep it for a living.

The hunting Style Of Fox Does Not Allow Deer Hunting

A fox hunts alone since its prey does not require any teamwork to get down. Moreover, sole hunting permits them to hunt and live independently. They rather choose to be self-sufficient rather than a social animals.

The size of a deer is substantial. Sometimes the size becomes a significant obstacle for some medium cats like Lynx, Cheetah, and others. From that sense, a fox is not adequate enough to hunt a deer at all.

Time Of Hunting

Time means a lot for the hunters. It is favorable according to the predators. For example, big cats like lions, tigers, and jaguars hunt during day time. Again, other small cats hunt during the night.

Similar to the small cats, a fox hunts during the night. At night, they are safe from the predators that hunt foxes and the preys remain unconscious regarding the fox’s presence. As a result, animals like rabbits, birds, chickens, baby goats, and sheep become easy prey for them.

Deer remain unconscious during the night, but they live in packs. So, do foxes hunt deer? No, if they try to get close to the pack, there is a high chance that it would get hurt by the large antlers of male deer.

As a result, a fox never chooses a deer to hunt. If they are suffering from starvation, they choose small animals. They also keep worms in their diet to serve nutritional value.


Are deer and fox enemies?

Answer: No, foxes do not kill or hunt deer. Hence, they are not enemies. But, if you experience a fox-eating deer, you must reckon the deer was either left over by another predator or dead due to natural causes. A fox hunts alone, and its body mass does not allow them to hunt deer at all.

What will a fox eat?

Answer: A fox is an omnivorous animal. It eats both flesh and vegetables. The primary sources of their food are rabbits, fish, birds, chickens, ducks, worms, and other small animals. They prefer fleshy items to green leafy foods.

Do foxes kill deer UK?

Answer: No, the fox size does not allow them to hunt or kill a deer. A deer can reach up to 35 kg, whereas a fox weighs a max of 14 kg only. Moreover, deer use their antlers against weak predators.

So, a fox never chooses a deer to hunt and eat. And deer are not afraid of foxes anymore. In a straightforward way, they are not natural enemies.


Eventually, a fox is a small animal with a max weight of 14 kg. The height and weight do not allow it to hunt animals that are greater in size.

So, the answer is yes do foxes eat deer? A fox only eats dead deer. But, in another sense, the answer is no since they can’t hunt the deer due to various obstacles.

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