What is a Baby Red Deer Called?

Seeing a baby deer is fun in the wild and you can adore them with all you care too! If you see a young deer crying, you might feel for it. But before that, you must know the name of the deer family.

This species includes a lot of families and keep in mind that not all deer are called the same as reindeer male, female, and baby are called different than a red deer.

Today, we will deal with the red deer. So, what is a baby deer called? Is the name the same as any deer? Let’s learn the details here!

What is a Baby Red Deer Called?

What is a Baby Red Deer Called?

A baby deer is commonly known as a fawn but that’s not the case with the red deer family. For the red deer, a baby red deer or a newborn red deer is called a calf. Well, you might have heard a little deer is called a calf, right?

But not all little deer are called calves; instead, the ones that are from the red deer family can only be called calves.

As we have mentioned above, geography is a factor here. Where you reside has a lot of things to do when it comes to the names of these animals.

If you see a baby deer and want to know if it is a red deer or not, there are ways to find it out. You have to check the tail first. A baby red deer has a shorter tail than the other deer.

Along with this, you will see a pale sump patch with no distinguishing features! To understand if it is a baby red deer, check the head too.

The head of a red deer is naturally widespread. Also, if you check the eyes of the baby, you’ll see they are brown. And when you see calf crying at night, you might get worried, we understand.

And you might want to know the reason behind it too. To calm you should, you must go on and check ‘why do baby deer cry at night!’

Once you get sure that the little fawn is a baby red deer, you are free to call it a calf! Also, the young red deer are called calves.

Until they grow into an adult, they are not called according to their genders. And when they grow up, they are called by different names. Check out the next section to know about it.

Baby Red Deer Parents Name

Baby Red Deer Parents Name

A male deer is known as a buck and a female deer is known as a doe. However, the names of the genders change if the family of the deer is switched.

Let’s come to the topic of the red deer, this is the largest deer species according to research. Mostly inhibiting in Europe, you can see them in western Asia too.

They are also common in the Atlas Mountains and have also been introduced to USA< Canada, Peru, Chile, Australia, etc.

A male red deer is called a stag. However, the name depends on the region. Depending on the region, the name can vary. In some places, a male red deer or a stag is known as a hart too. On the contrary, a female red deer is known as a hind.

The Similarities of Names in Deer Family

On the other hand, the name is similar to some other deer species too. A female deer is called hind in the red deer family but the name is identical in the Sika deer family too.

The same goes for the male deer. They are called stag in the red deer family but in the Sika deer family too, they are known as stag.

For the kids, the name is the same in both the red deer family and the Sika deer family- calf. There are other deer families where the name of the baby deer along with the female and male deer is the same.


What do you call a family of deer?

We had a lot of discussions on the name of a baby red deer. But what about the entire family? If you see a family of red deer or any other deer species, what would you call it? Most people name it a herd. A group of deer or a family of deer, no matter which deer species it is, is called a herd. In some geographic areas, it is also called a mob or a parcel. And it isn’t uncommon for people to name a family or a group of deer as a bunch or a rangale.

Can I call a baby red deer a fawn?

Well, there’s no such specific when it comes to the same species. A baby deer is called a fawn. Though a baby red deer should be called a calf, if you feel comfortable mentioning it as a baby red deer or simply as a fawn, nobody is stopping you. Instead, mostly, people call a baby deer a fawn- paying no heed to what family it belongs to! But it would be witty if you call it by its name, right?

Wrap Up

Calling a deer isn’t that tough if you are interested in this species. There are a lot of deer families in the world but the red deer is the largest. So, knowing the names of the female, male, and especially a baby red deer can be interesting. But if it’s difficult for you to remember all these names, call all the baby deer a fawn. And in case you forget FAWN, call it a baby deer- after all it’s a deer and it’s a baby!

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