Can You Ride A Deer? – Learn All The Facts About Deer Riding

Humans have been using these animals for many centuries as a means of transportation. Today, riding an animal like a buffalo, donkey, horse, camel, or elephant is a traditional task. Though riding deer was prevalent in countries like Mongolia and Siberia, we can barely experience it today.

Generally, deer are not strong enough to carry a human for a long way. The spine of a deer is not as robust as a horse or donkey. Therefore, it is not a common choice that we can choose to ride.

There are some other factors which are not meagre reasons. Some of the deer breeds cannot tolerate even a lightweight on their back. But moose are different, more significant than deer, and good for riding.

Today, we shall talk about all the facts about whether you can ride a deer or the options you can choose to ride.

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Can You Ride A Deer? – Learn All Reasons For Not Riding A Deer

Ride A Deer

If we consider a list of adorable animals that are not harmful to humans, deer must be in the top three. Moreover, it lies at the level of primary consumers who live by eating grass.

Therefore, deer play a vital role in the food chain for predators and humans. How fast can a deer go? Though deer is a swift animal, it is not as efficient as a horse or donkey. We must consider the other animals to ride or carry.

Reasons For Not Riding Deer

Let’s know some other reasons that make deer bad options for riding and carrying. Moose or elk riding is an exception, nonetheless.

Body Structure

Deer are vulnerable animals. Their spines are not as robust as horses or donkeys. They can carry a maximum weight of half of their body weight. But food consumption and other costs are equal to a donkey. As a result, petting a deer to carry a load is not an efficient option to choose.

Hence, you can choose a horse or donkey to carry a load or ride.


Deer are wild animals that survive various predators by running. So, how far do deer run when scared? They can run plenty of meters to survive. But with a load, it is difficult for them to run.

Again, if you try to pet a deer, it is a challenging task since the wildness exists in their behavior. Their temperament is not like a horse or other load-carrying animals. So, taming them and riding them will require plenty of effort and time.

In this consideration, horses and donkeys are effective since the taming period is significantly meager.

Deer We Can Ride

Deer have a plethora of breeds, and some of the breeds can reach up to 6.5 feet, such as moose and elk. Moreover, they are fantastic to ride and tame. So, with adequate training, they can be great companions.

And, can a grizzly bear outrun a deer? Deer can accelerate themselves within a short while to the top speed that a bear can not do.

Again, the top speed of a bear is 56 KMPH, and a deer’s speed is 60 to 80 KMPH. And how far can a deer run without stopping? A deer can run for 3 to 4 hours without any hesitation.


Reindeer can be ideal if you want to ride a deer. It is one of the giant breeds of deer. And can a human ride a reindeer? Yes, with a profound history, reindeer serve humans as carrying and riding partners.

They are also known for their mild temperament and accessible training adaptation behavior. Their spines are unyielding to carry a full-grown human.

In the past, the people of Mongolia used to ride on reindeer. Still, the people from that region who follow traditional pathways ride reindeer.



Another large breed of deer is the elk. Its strong muscles and unbreakable bones can serve humans as a riding means. Elk riding has a history with reindeer, especially in the United States of America.

We can experience postcards with pictures of a person riding an elk. Again, in the past, it was considered a novelty to ride on an elk, though horses existed.

An elk is tougher to train to settle the saddle compared to a horse. From the childhood stage, it requires enormous training and attention to cope with the saddle. Catching an elk from the wild and taming it to ride is hazardous and perilous.


The most historical riding deer is the moose. It can grow up to 6.5 feet, which is similar to a fully grown horse. During World War 2, the Russian army used moose to ride in the region where a horse could not survive.

Due to the extreme cold weather, some regions were massively snowy, and horses could not cope with the environment. But, remarkably, the moose served well.

In 1930, moose riding became immensely popular in another cold country named Sweden. Eventually, it is found that the temperament of a moose is not like a horse. But it can be fantastic riding in the cold and snow-covered area.


Is it possible to ride a buck?

Answer: No, a buck or a white-tailed deer is not adequate to carry a load of a whole-grown human. The height of a fully grown buck is only 3.5 to 4 feet. Moreover, the spine does not allow the load on it. But training 3 to 4 bucks to pull a sledge or carriage is not bad.

Are deer as strong as horses?

Answer: In a deer and horse fight, the horse will undoubtedly win. They are far stronger than deer. Horses can carry 250 lbs on their back without any hesitation. On the other hand, 150 lbs can make a deer exhausted.

Is it possible to ride a reindeer?

Answer: Yes, you can ride a reindeer without any hassle. They are sturdy enough to carry a load of 200 lbs and pull 300 lbs. So it is as strong as a medium-sized horse. Moreover, you can outrun a reindeer for 3 hours; that is the most impressive part.


Eventually, the large breed of deer is adaptive towards the training of being a riding companion. And can you ride a deer? If it is one of the deer mentioned above, it is possible to ride.

But the deer that reach up to 5 feet are only for the hobbyist. Riding them is nothing but substantial torture for them. So, if you are looking for a novel ride, moose is the option you must choose.

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