What do You Call a Male and Female Deer

Deer is a deer- what’s the use of calling them by names? Well, this is when the gender comes in! The antlers might tell you if it’s a male or a female but we must name it, right?

A deer is called by several names like a doe, buck, stag, fawn, etc. But which one is what? What do you call a male and female deer in different places? What are the kids called? And what about a group of deer! We have it all figured out!

What do You Call a Male and Female Deer

Names of Deer According to Countries and Species

The names of a deer might vary depending on the place or country. Also, different species of deer might be named differently. We have discussed the common names according to the place and the species. Check it out to know about it!

Male Deer and the Name

A male deer can be referred to as a male deer anytime but do you know what’s it called? To begin with, you have heard people calling a male deer by several names. According to the locations, the name of a male deer might vary.

Also, the addressing can be different just because there are different types of deer! First of all, let’s start with Asia. What’s a male deer called in Asia? Mostly, a male deer is named a Muntjac deer in Asia. However, in Africa, the name changes!

For the same male deer, the Africans have decided the name Male Fallow. In Europe however, there are several names for this gender. This varies from one deer tribe to another. If you see a male roe deer in Europe, they will call it a buck.

Male deer are called red deer in Europe too! In Eurasia, Sika deer are named Stags. The Wapiti deer are from America. They are popular as bulls. In America, just like the Wapiti deer, the Reindeer are also called bulls. However, for the male deer, stags are the most common name.

Also, you can call them bucks and anyone will understand that you are referring to a male deer! Going with the easier and common names is a better way to communicate with the natives, isn’t it?

Female Deer and the Name

Just like male deer, the name of a female deer can confuse you at times. The sizes of these deer are smaller compared to the opposite gender. We mentioned the size because the name of a female deer highly depends on the size.

At times, they are called a Doe and in other times, they can be called Hind. Have you ever seen a deer being called a cow? Welcome to the show! Yes, they are called Cow at times too! If you check the name of the red deer, as they are large, they are mostly called Hinds.

On the contrary, the smaller species of female deer are popular as Doe. Wapiti or Elk are more of an American deer family. They are often addressed as a Cow- we know, its confusion!

Bulls and cows- we get it! However, people might not know all the names by which the female deer is called. You can simply use the word Doe to address the female deer. It is almost universal!

Baby Deer and the Name

So, we have dealt with the male and female deer already. Now, let’s discuss a baby deer. It’s your choice if you want to call a baby deer according to gender just like the adult deer. But there is a specific name for the baby deer too!

A baby deer is called a fawn. In several places, it is also called a calf. But there is another name that addresses a little grown-up deer. They are named Youngling. These are neither the baby nor not the matured ones.

Baby Deer

Right after the age of a baby, a year old deer is a youngling. After a baby deer is both, the baby deer takes 20 minutes to stand on its legs. And to make their legs perfect for walking, they require exercise. Within a week, they learn at the same pace as the mother doe.

Fawns do not leave their mother’s presence; they stay with their mothers most of the time. After a year, they get mature. In this case, if the matured deer is a male or a stag, they leave their mother and get on with their herd.

Stags are never seen returning to their mothers. On the other hand, if the matured deer is a female or a doe, they start searching for their mate. The male mate might leave her or at times, he dies. In that case, the matured doe comes back to the mothers. She also brings the babies or fawns of her own with her to stay with the mother.

Deer Calling

Group of Deer and the Name

After the male, female, and baby deer, comes a group of deer. What are they called? A group of deer is called a herd. However, the name depends on the number of deer staying together. Not all deer love to stay in a large group.

Only the larger group of deer is called a herd. At times, a group of deer is also called a parcel of the herd. However, in some places, they are called a mob. Some of the people are also seen calling a group of these animals Rangale.


A herd is mostly a male dominant group. At times, female also has a group only having females in it. In that case, they will have a separate herd and it will be led by a doe. The group might be called a leash too!

You might be a little annoyed with the fact that a group of deer isn’t called “DEERS”! Well, we call a group of cat Litter and a group of fox Skulk! We can’t tell why! That’s how collective noun works!

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Wrap Up

We have talked about all the deer genders here. You will know what to call a male deer and a female deer. Also, we have discussed the names of baby deer. Here, you must understand that there are other names of a deer depending on the location and species or tribe of the deer. The name might vary but they are almost the same!

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