Where do Deer Sleep when it Rains?

Like any other animal, rain might affect a deer too. Does a deer hate rain or do they follow their everyday routine even if it rains? What about a heavy storm? Where do deer sleep when it rains heavily?

Well, mostly, a deer prefers dense forests because this is the most available and safer place according to this species. However, other places can shelter them- check it out here!

Deer Shelters in the Rain

Take a look at the shelters that a deer prefer for staying and sleeping when there is heavy rain or storm.

Rocky Outcropping

The best place to hide and sleep for deer when they encounter heavy rain is the rocky outcropping. Yes, we agree that they mostly prefer dense forests. But if they get rocky outcropping near their location, they won’t miss it.

Especially, if there are no humans or other animals in the place, a deer will deliberately stay there. This gives the utmost safety to the animals making sure that rain doesn’t touch them.

Cheddar Thickets

If a deer finds cheddar thickets, they will surely seek shelter there when there is heavy rain. But this is not available in every location. The best part of cheddar thickets is quite dense.

And if an animal takes shelter here, it will get the utmost protection from heavy rain and can sleep fearlessly. Also, don’t you want to know how a deer sleeps? Do deer sleep with their eyes open- take a look!  

Tree Islands

Well, just like any other animals, deer love to hide in the dense forests, as we have mentioned above. However, if there is no dense forest available, they might escape the heavy rain by moving to the tree islands.

And if there are not many trees, just like a human, they will hide under a large tree. Mostly, they search for the areas where the tree is surrounded by grassy fields.

Crop Fields

When there is heavy rain, for the deer, the goal is to find a place where they won’t be bothered by the hunters. In this case, standing crop fields are a good option to make them feel safe.

No matter whether it is corn or soybean or milo plant fields- as long as it is tall enough to keep them hidden, they will choose it! They bed down there and stay till the rain stops.

Behind Buildings

Another easy place to hide for the deer is behind old buildings where there’s no chance of human habitation. Old farmsteads give them enough space to hide behind.

Along with this, if they can find nothing, they will search for any large object, preferably a piece of large rusted old machinery, to escape the wet weather.

Suburban Areas

Even if they find a populated area that is close to the suburbs, they will seek to hide there in the heavy rain.

It’s not uncommon to see deer in the barns and sheds these days because they are quite familiar to humans now. As a result, you can see them hiding in the suburban areas when there is rain.

Different Deer Family’s Rain Shelter Preference

Deer Sleep when it Rains

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer doesn’t care much about rain. If it is light rain, they will follow their natural habits and will graze in the open fields. However, when there is thunder and storm, they will move to the densely wooded zones.

Blacktail Deer

These deer are found in the Pacific Northwest of Northern America. Their territory includes the coastal woodlands but just like the whitetail, blacktail deer don’t care about the rain.

Instead, they are more active when there is rain. In heavy rain or storm, they move to the dense forests near the coastlines.

Mule Deer

Living in western North America, mule deer are not as scared of humans as the other deer species are. In the heavy downpour, they will search for forest canopies.

However, such forests are scarce in western North America. And so, they tend to settle for any type of shelter they get. At times, they will seek shelter under stray foliage too! However, they are not scared of light rain.

FAQs on Deer Habits in the Rain

Do deer move when it rains?

Deer are not concerned with the rain much. Especially, when it is light rain, they keep doing their regular job. However, if the rain is heavy or there is a storm, there’s a chance of a deer searching for a proper shelter. According to studies, the movement of a deer increases when it rains.

Why do Deer move so much in the rain?

We already told you that deer move a lot when it rains. But why do they do it? Well, when a deer make any move, they are all ears. They listen to everything so that they can know if they are safe or not or if there is any predator following them. If the rain is heavy, they cannot listen to the movements of the predators (if they are moving). As a result, they cannot move as freely as they usually do, and so, they decide to take shelter somewhere safe.

Do deer come out when it’s raining at night?

As we have mentioned above, if it is light rain, the deer can come out of the sheltered area and move freely as they do, no matter whether it’s day or night. But if it rains cats and dogs, try to stay inside their shelter to keep away from their predators or hunters.

Wrap Up

Now you know where deer sleep when it rains and why they do it! Though their favorite place to hide and sleep in heavy rain is the densely populated forests, they can take shelter anywhere they feel safe in urgent need. If you are a hunter, the best deal is to search for the deer when it is raining at night!

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