Can Deer eat Broccoli?

Deer eats anything they can- says, everyone. But well, there are a few plants that don’t suit deer. Some plants have thorns and others have an aroma that this animal doesn’t like at all! Is broccoli among them? Or can deer eat broccoli from your garden? Well, let’s know about it!

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Do Deer Eat Broccoli?

Deer loves vegetation, no doubt. But can deer eat broccoli? Well, yes, they love eating broccoli. But why do they do it? Is it simply because they love it? Firstly, they love broccoli but along with them loving it, there is another reason- the nutrition.

Yes, broccoli is full of nutrition. The broccoli plants have minerals and vitamins. Not only the plants, the leaves, and the stalks have them too. Along with vitamins and minerals, there are fiber and anti-oxidant in them.

These give good nourishment to the body of any animal. Apart from this, they love the taste of this plant. And the scent of the plant also attracts them. Digesting broccoli is easier and this is why they enjoy including this in the diet.

Broccoli Leaves and Plants

Broccoli leaves are a good source of vitamins and minerals. If you stay in an area where there are deer around, if they find broccoli in your garden, they will surely opt for it.

The best part of broccoli doesn’t include any sort of toxic elements in it. As a result, if deer find broccoli, they don’t miss it! It can cover the requirement of vegetables in their everyday diet.

We all know that deer are not picky when it comes to their diet. Instead, they love eating almost anything they can. As broccoli leaves help their growth, they never say no!

Deer eat Broccoli

Broccoli Stalks

Apart from broccoli leave and plants, they love broccoli talks too. All the parts of this plant are edible and that’s why deer don’t leave without eating the whole lot! The best part of the stalks is they contain a low amount of calories and so, it doesn’t make them heavy.

Along with this, the stalks have a high amount of fiber. As a result, it normalizes the water content of their body if they face diarrhea or any other such sort of issue. Also, it adds moisture to their fecal matter.

Broccoli Rabe and Deer

At times, people confuse broccoli rabe with broccoli but they are not connected. It is mostly known as the rapini plant and they look quite similar.

However, deer, not being a picky eater, goes for broccoli rabe or rapini too! They love eating it as it also includes vitamins, fibers, and minerals.

How to Keep Deer Away from Eating Broccoli?

We love deer eating but we don’t want to ruin our garden! And so, gardeners should be careful if they have broccoli planted in their garden. An ideal thing you can do is plan some deer-resistant plants such as marigold, daffodil, and garlic.

Planting them around the broccoli plants will keep them safe. And another way to safeguard all your plants is to create fences or barriers so that deer can’t reach them!

Final Words

Now you know that deer eat broccoli and they love doing it! So, if you love your garden, it’s your responsibility to guard it. You can use the methods we have mentioned or you can also settle for scented soap or rotten eggs to keep deer away from the vegetation area!

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