What Does a 140 Deer Look Like?

When you hunt down a 140 buck and get confused- don’t be! It’s because the hunt is worth your time and worth all the attention of your hunter friends that you are going to get soon! What does a 140 deer look like– big and worthy!

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140 Buck Looks

So, the first question to a professional hunter about the 140 bucks is very common- how does it look like? Well, even if you are a beginner in the hunting area, you should know the facts.

In most cases, a good 10 point outside of the ears of the buck with goof mass will tell you if it is 140 class and higher or not. In some cases, it can be 8 points outside the ears with good mass and height.

And if you measure an 8 point 140 class whitetail deer, you can easily swipe this hunt as your lucky one; not to mention, the big one!

Whitetail Deer

140 Deer Score

For the new hunters, it can be incredible to score a 90 or 100 score when it comes to whitetail deer. But for the professionals, the plan is to score higher than ever! According to most hunters these days, the antler score of the buck is an important factor.

And if you are scoring a buck of 120 inches in the B&C system, you are already winning! In this case, a 140 inches buck will be a slammer for sure.

But well, you can’t forget that there are higher scores than this too! If you get your hands on a 150 buck, this is something that you will be praised for forever.

140 Class Buck Size

The size of the class 140 whitetail deer might run people into confusion because different people have different opinions on this. The size of the whitetail deer of 140-class is confusing to some hunters.

According to research, the size of such a buck will be near 3.5 inches to 4 inches. The circumference is a factor here too. The third circumference measurement of the eye will be near 3/4.

The same goes for the fourth circumference measurement of the eye. In short, it can be estimated at around 3 inches or close.

Is the Whitetail Deer 140 inches?

After hunting a buck, some hunters get into the dilemma of whether the whitetail deer is 140 inches or not. Well, once again, we must mention the scoring method. If you run through the proper scoring technique, the result will be worth it.

At times, some bucks look large but they might not be of 140 class. In either case, some bucks might look smaller with your eyes, but only when you run the proper measurement and the match; it turns out to be a 140-inch buck.

Deer 140-inches?

Who doesn’t want the new kill to score high? So, you should go for the ear tip-to-ear tip reference measurement. If you settle for the ear tip to ear tip measurement of 13-15 inches, the method gets easier.

After the right measurement, if you see that the spread of the deer is one inch or two inches inside, it will be a 140-inch buck. Also, it can be wider than his ears.

At times, you will hunt bucks that have a spread that exceeds his ears a lot. In that case, you should settle for the ear base to tip measurement of 7 inches to 8 inches.

Wrap Up

However, the problem occurs when the scoring method is not accurate. If you ever get to hunt a big whitetail buck as 140-class, you should not go for the shortcut method of scoring. This will result in an inaccurate score. Opt for the accurate result, you deserve it!

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