Learn Everythings: Why do Deer Blow?

You are hunting deer on a weekend and you are close to the deer already. After a while of noticing the deer, you suddenly see it blowing- the loud, explosive sound. Why do deer blow suddenly?

Is there any specific reason for this? Do they know you are close? Does a deer blow only in winter? Hold on- we have got all the answers for you!

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Deer and the Blow

Have you ever seen a deer blowing? We won’t lie, a snorting deer doesn’t sound good. If you are into deer hunting, you probably have to notice a deer for a long period. And seeing the deer blowing won’t be uncommon for you.

This is a loud and lung-collapsing sound that you will hear when a deer blows. Some people love bowhunting and in such situations, the deer is usually close. At this time, mostly, you will need the deer to be close and the distance is not so much.

Here, the range limitation of archery equipment is a factor to think about. If in this situation, you see a loud blow of the white-tailed deer that you want to hunt, would you like it? This isn’t a pretty situation and it’s like the deer sucking all the air out of your sail!

This can surprise you too! Deer is silent animals mostly- so, it is very awkward when a buck or doe breaks their silence and blows suddenly and loudly. When the range is close, you will surely feel uncomfortable. At times, we have seen hunters packing up their bags and leaving just because they hate this!

The Reason behind Deer Blows

The Reason behind Deer Blows

Deer blowing is uncomfortable but when a deer blows, what does that mean? The most common answer for this question is deer blows for alerting the other deer. Yes, the blow comes from fear or worry.

When there is something out there chasing them or they see any danger, they try to let other deer know it. It is a warning signal for the other family members or deer. Alerting other deer is considered their responsibility and this is why they blow.

When you are hunting and a deer blow, it’s pretty obvious that the animal has understood you are close or it felt that something is wrong. Apart from this, if it is not about warning, it can be clearing their nasal passage too! It will help them sniff the air in a better way. They can also sneeze just to startle the predator. So, the predator won’t come near them and will leave!

No Reason for Blows

We have already told you that deer blows to warn or alert others when there is something that’s not ordinary or they feel danger is knocking at their door. But during deer hunting, have you ever seen a deer blowing for no reason?

Most hunters will agree to this because there are times when a deer will blow for no visible reason. But well, in straight eyes, we might think that the deer is not blowing for any reason but they have their reasons!

When you are hunting a deer, if the deer blows, check your situation. Make sure if the deer knows you are there or not. If you are giving him any signal or in any way if they understood you are there- it will blow. But what if you are sure that the deer don’t know you are there? Then why would it blow? This is when we think that the deer is blowing without any reason.

Deer Blow

But well, it might not be you- it might be someone else or something else! The attention-grabbing and nasal-clearing sound is not always for you. Around the deer, the environment is not always safe and normal. And if the environment catches its interest and it feels that something is wrong- it will surely blow.

You can check out the environment a little- if there is another hunter like you- he might be the reason behind the noise. But what if you see no human out there? At times, the fear behind the blowing isn’t a human. Yes, it can be a dog too!

Deer fear dogs at times and if they see, smell, or feel that there is a dog near- they will blow. The same goes for the coyotes. They perceive them as threats too and warn other deer to be careful about it. This is a way of showing concern.

If the deer is concerned, it will snort. No matter we think the snorting is without any reason or with it- they have their reason for snorting. So, you can’t say that they snort or blow for no reason at all! They always have a reason- we might not understand it, they do.

It’s easy- even if you are not the reason behind the snorting or warning, other animals or the environment can be. And the worst part is, this can result in an unfruitful hunting session! You are careful but the environment is not safe for them- at least, that’s what they feel! You can check the latest post- What do You Call a Male 

A Deer Blowing

Snort and Communication

Snorting or blowing is a communication for the deer. This is not specific to any season- instead, they blow whenever they feel warned or concerned. This isn’t connected to the season because if it was, they would have only blown in the winter!

They expel air through their nostrils. This is like a greatly magnified sneeze. When they see danger even in the distance, they will blow. The fun part is- snorts of a deer are single and mostly, these are short. But the sound is explosive! And after this, mostly, the deer turns to run.

Wrap Up

According to our discussion, the major reason for a deer blowing is to give others a warning. Besides, they can snort just to scare away the predator or to clear their nasal passage. Whatever it is, you must be careful about your position if you are up for deer hunting. You must not know you are there- if they do, you will face an unproductive hunting session no doubt!

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