150 Class Whitetail Deer

When you know the spread of the deer you just hunted, you can easily score it by measuring beam length, tine length, and estimating mass.

Or you can settle for the shortcut if they are symmetrical. But wait what if it is a 150 class whitetail deer? Aren’t you interested to measure it accurately? Here is some interesting information on this buck!

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The Scarcity

If you are here to know about the 150 class whitetail deer, firstly, we would like to mention that you won’t get enough of them these days. Now the question is “why!” Keeping the harvest of whitetail deer in today’s world, it is tough to harvest a deer this large.

On the other hand, another fact that you must consider is whitetail deer of 150 inches are usually bigger than the ones of 120 inches. When a deer gets bigger, it means, it gets smarter too.

Do you think a smart deer will be this easier for you to catch? This is why when you go for a hunt and hunt down a deer, those end up being the ones of 110 inches to 130 inches mostly.

The deer that are above 140 inches are tough to find as they are smart enough to escape your traps and eventually, they save themselves.

The Size of 150 Class Whitetail Deer

The Size of 150 Class Whitetail Deer

We have told you before that finding out 150 class whitetail deer are tougher for the hunters. Along with this, if you don’t score it properly, you won’t know if it is a 150 class buck or not.

While discussing the whitetail deer of 150-class, a lot of people get confused about the size of this buck. So, here, we will discuss how big a 150 class whitetail buck can be. Well, the measurement of this whitetail buck will be close to 3.5 inches to 4 inches.

On the other hand, the third circumference will be bear 3/4 inches of the eye. The same goes for the fourth circumference. In short, you can measure or estimate it to be close to 3 inches or so.

150 Whitetail Deer Good or Not

Whenever we are talking to beginner hunters, we see them being confused about the score of a whitetail buck. Even if it is a 150 class deer, they seem unconfident. So, is it a good buck or not?

If you talk to any professional hunters, you will know that this one is comparatively a great buck. When it comes to the antler scores, any buck that has a score above 120 inches in the B&C system is desirable.

So, you can already guess how desirable a 150 inches buck is! If you are dealing with a 140-inch buck, it is a slammer. On the other hand, the 150 one is a buck of a lifetime. At least 99% of today’s hunters will tell you the same words!

Keeping today’s world in mind, the score of the deer is amazing. When the discussion is on the quality of deer management and the food-plot mixes, harvesting a big whitetail deer can be tough. And if the situation is compared, the 150-inch whitetail deer can be a noteworthy hunt for your life!

Hunting Whitetail Deer

How to Know?

If you have just hunted a whitetail deer and it is large, you can keep your fingers crossed because it can turn out to be a 150 class buck! But well, keep in mind that it is tough to find- as we have mentioned earlier.

All you need is to follow the right procedure to learn the score. Once you score and add all the measurements, you can subtract the abnormal measurements. And finally, you will know the score! If you see that it is 150 or crossing 150 inches, you deserve a party!

How to Know?

Wrap Up

If you see you have hunted a large deer and you might cross the line of 150 inches, we always recommend you to score it properly.

Yes, you can always plan on checking if it’s symmetrical and settle for the field scoring shortcut- but well, you don’t want to miss out on a half-inch, right? Score it properly and tell your friends about the incredible job you have done!

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